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German III is a Course

German III

Time limit: 365 days

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Full course description

The prerequisites for this class are German II or equivalent proficiency. 

German III students will use the skills they acquired in German I and II to work with a variety of authentic German texts: poems, newspaper articles, legends and fairy tales, songs and a novel.
Based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, the objectives for our German III course are:
  • Communication: Students engage in conversations about topics such as leisure time activities. They present and exchange information about themselves; express their feelings and reactions to themes expressed in some of the texts and exchange opinions about children's responsibilities. Students study global reading skills in order to understand a variety of authentic texts. They work with spoken language by listening to the episodes of a radio play. Students present information after researching selected websites, texts and other sources of information.
  • Cultures: Students gain an understanding of different German cultural practices, products and perspectives by studying German youth centers, reading maps, preparing food, working with German poetry, and working with the play "Faust."
  • Connections: Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines by working with figurative language, metaphors and similes; by practicing map reading skills and by exploring logical connections and conclusions.
  • Comparisons: Students learn about language in general and about the concept of culture by studying German poetic language, contextual clues, grammatical concepts, and problems of communication.
  • Communities: Students use German both within and beyond the school setting to create a travel guide for German tourists in their area. Students use German for personal enrichment and enjoyment by writing their own poetry, learning how to read German novels and studying a classical German play.

Syllabus/Course Content


Unit 1 - Kinder an die Macht: Students study a German pop song and will discuss the concepts presented in this song. They use global reading skills to get the basic information of a related newspaper article.

Unit 2 - Keine Panik: Students listen to 15 short episodes of a radio play about two German teenagers.

Unit 3 - Die Ilse ist weg: Students use global reading skills to understand this novel.

Unit 4 - Fun with Words: This is a unit on figurative language, word pictures, concrete poetry and imagery. Students will look at examples, then write their own German poetry.

Unit 5 - Die Suche: Students will follow some students on a scavenger hunt in and around Dresden, Saxony.

Unit 6 - Faust: Students study this classical play by the German writer Goethe. Students will discuss the treatment of timeless topics in classical literature and will read excerpts of the play by Goethe in the original.


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